200,00 EUR/t CIF - WHITE SOFTWOOD PELLETS 6mm in 15kg bags

Delivery* included in bags of 15kg CIF European ports. It's an ecological fuel of high energy efficiency and made from spruce logs, in the plant in Ukraine. The production capacity is 1000 tons / month. Certification: Certificates of Austria and Ukraine.

Packaging: pallets of 87 bags. Delivery*



 Gubska pellet 

Important for
Moisture (%)
≤10,0 ≤10,0 5,6  efficient combustion with low heating costs 
Calorific value (Mj/kg)
18 ≥16,5 17,6 - 19,0 high heating value
Ash (%)
≤0,5 ≤0,7  0,27 - 0,29  an ideal combustion with little ash residue


This pellet is produced by using sawdust of only white spruce. The complete absence of bark and the high refining of the product during the entire production cycle, it makes it free from external contamination and ideal for combustion in any type of stove, hydro stove or pellet boiler.

The product of white spruce is equipped with a strong calorific value.

The highlight of this product is the ashes, who established themselves below 0.29%.

Wood pellets are present with a white color, glossy and in many there is not even a gram of sawdust. It 'clearly a product designed to meet a very demanding customers.