170,00 EUR/t CIF - SPRUCE WOOD PELLETS 6mm in big-bag

Delivery* included in big-bags of 1,3t CIF European ports. It's an ecological fuel of high energy efficiency and made from spruce logs, in the plant in Ukraine. The production capacity is 6000 tons / month. Certification: SGS. 

Packaging: big-bags of 1,3t/each. Delivery*



 Gubska pellet 

Important for
Moisture (%)
≤10,0 ≤10,0 6,83  efficient combustion with low heating costs 
Calorific value (Mj/kg)
18 ≥16,5 18,4 - 21 high heating value
Ash (%)
≤0,5 ≤0,7  0.66  an ideal combustion with little ash residue


The finished product is spruce wood pellets - a cylindrical shape with a diameter of 6 mm and length of 30 mm, whose only ingredient is only 100% natural wood, dried and pressed into the shape mentioned, without additives. The pellet has a high calorific value and has a low moisture content and ash. It is used in industrial burners, boilers of high power to heat schools, hospitals, industrial halls etc.

Pellets of the highest quality have a neutral environmental impact in terms of CO2 emissions, ensuring an efficient heating. It is important to reduce dependence on oil and natural gas - all exhaustible fossil fuels used for heating. Wood pellet is a renewable fuel that is derived from sustainable sources - sheer mass of wood. The replacement of fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas or propane in the use of pellet heating reduces emissions of greenhouse gases, and thus contributes to the mitigation of global warming and global environmental protection.

Foto of pellet here