180,00 EUR/t CIF - SPRUCE WOOD PELLETS 6mm in 15kg bags

Delivery* included in bags of 15kg CIF European ports. It's an ecological fuel of high energy efficiency and made from spruce logs, in the plant in Ukraine. The production capacity is 2000 tons / month. Certification: SGS. 

Packaging: pallets of 87 bags. Delivery* 



 Gubska pellet 

Important for
Moisture (%)
≤10,0 ≤10,0 6,83  efficient combustion with low heating costs 
Calorific value (Mj/kg)
18 ≥16,5 18,4 - 21 high heating value
Ash (%)
≤0,5 ≤0,7  0.66  an ideal combustion with little ash residue


The finished product is spruce wood pellets - a cylindrical shape with a diameter of 6 mm and length of 30 mm, whose only ingredient is only 100% natural wood, dried and pressed into the shape mentioned, without additives.

The pellet has high calorific value and has a low moisture content and ash.

Remind you that the rational utilization of wood fuels reduces CO2 emissions, saves the consumption of fossil fuels, is not dangerous in their transport, storage and use, and does not produce hazardous waste.

Pellets can burn both in stoves and traditional solid fuel fireplaces, both in special pellet boilers of high efficiency and automation, similar to the electric boilers and gas. Pellet boilers automatically control the necessary quantities of material to burn.

Foto of pellet here